These Stars Are Brooklyn-bound—But Are The ‘burbs The Next Stop?​

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A-list couple John Krasinski and Emily Blunt just put down some serious roots in Brooklyn. Following in the footsteps of countless city families, this once-Manhattan based couple made the move to the outer boroughs and into a  $6 million townhouse in Park Slope.

It’s a move many Manhattan families know well—countless city families make the leap from Manhattan to Brooklyn year after year, looking for more space and a lifestyle that tends to straddle the urban/suburban line.

But even though they’ve plunked down the cash to both buy this historic townhouse and renovate it (to the tune of $300,000, we hear…), we can’t help but wonder—is this the last stop on the Blunt-Krasinski path to home? Or are they, like so many city families, going to keep moving—straight into suburbia?

The family seems like perfect candidates for a life in the ‘burbs. Think about it…

They’ve got two young kids

The family has two young girls, both on the brink of school age. While, we’re guessing, almost-three-year-old Hazel will head to preschool in Brooklyn, will the family want to dive into the NYC kindergarten system—even if they do opt for private school? Despite the family’s wealth and recognition, the process is still a tough one. And with the family’s busy schedule, they might not want all the hassle. And by the time they’re elbow-deep in that process, baby Violet will be ready for preschool—and the cycle continues!

They’re down-to-earth

Despite being superstars, Emily and John are known for being super down to earth celebs. Will the crush of the Park Slope parenting scene eventually feel too chaotic? Will they want something a little slower paced? Maybe a move to the ‘burbs a la Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds—another pair of low-key parents to two young children—will start to look pretty good?

Their peers are doing it…

When your friends start to make the move to suburbia, the grass can definitely begin looking a lot greener. For the Blunt-Krasinski family, that’s already starting to happen. Just like Blake and Ryan bought in Bedford, many young celebrity couples are starting to migrate to the ‘burbs.

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are making plans to move to Connecticut, home to many celebrity families. Over the bridge in New Jersey, couples like Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz are settling in Englewood, joining lots of other stars looking for city access and suburban living.

We’ll keep our eye on Emily and John for now, but we wouldn’t be surprised if, like many other city families, this is just their first stop. The suburbs could definitely be calling…

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