The 4 Best Things About SUBURBAN Back-to-School​

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Your kid’s first day of school in suburbia will be completely different from his first day of school in the city — in a good way!

Even if you’re done the back-to-school thing before, that first suburban send-off is a lot different. For starters, if you aren’t going to be walking to school, there’s a good chance your kids are hopping on the bus — a far cry from last year’s subway/taxi/Uber dash to the first day. And once the bus pulls away or the bell rings? The rest of YOUR day will no doubt look completely different than it did in the city — and that’s a good thing.


#1. Block Party!

While, sure, the kids down the hall went to your daughter’s preK, that’s probably the exception not the rule in your former city neighborhood. Zoning exists but, often, kids don’t head to their designated school either because there’s no space guarantee or because they opted for an alternative.


But in the ‘burbs? If you’re heading to the neighborhood school, there’s a good chance the entire block is going with you. Not only is this a great opportunity for your kids to make fast, super-local friends, but it will ensure they have a few familiar faces to look for at the bus stop or the hallways on day one — and that’s important. Besides that, school connections bond families. There’s a good chance you’ll see Across the Street Mom at a PTA meeting or at pick up later today, and your neighborhood proximity gives you a great reason to pop over and say hi.


#2. More MOM Time

And after drop off? You’ve got TONS of time until pick up. Think about it. Your kids’ school is likely within a mile or so of your house — and not a city mile, either. If the bus comes, you’re free from the minute those golden doors close until the bus comes careening around the corner in the afternoon. And if you manage pickup and drop off? Chances are you can be at the school in minutes — no 6 train delays or congested cross streets here.



#3. Preparing for the Elements

Ever feel like you’re heading off to battle at city school drop offs? We get it — we’ve been that mom, too. Between the kindergartener and their lunch box/backpack/homework folder pile, the baby’s stroller/blanket/snack/bottle/diaper bag combo and everything YOU need for the day — commuter shoes, Trenta iced coffee, laptop, bake sale treats, shreds of sanity — you practically need a pack mule to get out the door. In the ‘burbs?


While you’ll still marvel at just how much it takes to get your family out the door, it’s A LOT easier to manage. It’s either going in the car versus shoved under your stroller or, somehow, strapped to you, or you’re dealing with one piece of the puzzle at a time — five-year-old gets on the bus with his gear, your stuff goes into the trunk of the car and baby gets strapped into the carseat, diaper back tossed onto the backseat. Yes, it still feels like you’re packing for a last-minute weekend getaway every single morning. But, suddenly, juggling it all feels a little more doable…


#4. Yes, THE BUS (or the car…)

And, yes, there’s THE BUS which, for many kids, is the single most exciting piece of going back-to-school. There’s something special about the big yellow school bus pulling up and your kids bounding on — it’s exciting, emotional and totally nostalgic. Besides all that, most kids can’t wait to hop on — they instantly feel like “big kids.”


If you aren’t busing? Even so, school drop off on day one probably looks a lot different. If you walk, scoot or bike, your path to school will be a lot calmer than it was during city rush hour. And if you’re a little farther you’re likely hopping in the car — no taxis, Ubers or surge charges in the ‘burbs!

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