Suburban Jungle on Mommybites: Does The House or The Town Matter MOST?​

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When many families start their suburban search they focus on one thing: THE HOUSE. And we get it—the house you live in is veryimportant. But remember, any house can be changed, updated and upgraded. The town you live in, though? That’s not going anywhere anytime soon.  From our post on Mommybites:


“Don’t like your kitchen? Renovate it. Backyard need a little TLC? Hire a landscaper. Need a refresh? Bring in a decorator. There’s virtually nothing that can’t be changed about your house. And that means as your family grows and your tastes and needs change, that house can be adapted, altered and updated accordingly.


But your town? Unless there’s some seismic shift, the culture, the personality and the overall vibe of the community are what they are. If that syncs with your family and your lifestyle, great. If not, though, you’ll be trying to fit a square peg in a round hole for years or even decades—or, more likely, until you eventually decide to try again in another ‘burb. And that’s never fun.”


And that’s exactly why Suburban Jungle leverages our award-winning “town-first” approach—because the town isthat important!



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