This Weekend in the ‘Burbs: September 11-13, 2015​

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It’s the weekend — and the first weekend of fall! Hope you and your family are enjoying the first few weeks of the new school year — we definitely are.

And what about the real estate market? Despite the shift from summer to fall home sales are showing no signs of cooling off anytime soon. Here’s what we’re seeing…

  • September could be the perfect month to buy a home — here’s why
  • There still seems to be a wide margin between homeowners’ valuations and actual appraisals, and that’s something to keep in mind as you’re looking
  • Mortgage rates — still at very buyer-friendly levels — inched up this week

One of the biggest factors we find for families moving to the ‘burbs is the commute. If you and/or your spouse are going to continue working in the city be sure to weigh the door-to-door commute — and, maybe, even test “drive” it once or twice — before settling on a particularly. But, before you even go that far, a new tool from WNYC shows you what your commute will look like from anywhere in the country.

Find your potential new zip or zoom in on an entire area you’re considering and see the average commute time instantly. What did we discover?

  • Much of Brooklyn has a longer average commute than Nassau County, Long Island — a total surprise!
  • Most Chicagoans are already commuting 20-30 minutes to work, even from inside city limits — so, chances are, a move to the ‘burbs wouldn’t impact their travel time too much
  • San Mateo tops San Francisco’s list of quickest suburban commutes, clocking in just 4-7 minutes over in-city commuters

Enjoy the weekend!