Fitness Trends Hitting the ‘burbs

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and ONE Fitness Trend We’re Glad is Staying in the City

We get it—moving to the suburbs means finding a new place or, even, places to get your sweat on. As diehard studio aficionados, when we made the leap from the city, we were relieved to find our city faves had also become suburban fitness trends. Some other urban workout trends that are popping up in the ‘burbs?



Strengthen lengthen and tone in Greenwich and Roslyn and, now, in New Jersey studios in hotspots Short Hills and Tenafly. In the next few weeks, the SLT is adding another Long Island location in Plainview, joining recent openings in Scarsdale and Rye Brook. We’re hoping this one takes off even more and becomes the latest and greatest suburban fitness trend to migrate from the city in a BIG way.



What started as an urban essential has long been a staple in the suburbs. Now, suburbanites can hop on a bike in Long Island (Roslyn, Woodbury), or in sister studios in Bronxville, Rye Brook, and Scarsdale, in Westchester. Heading to Connecticut? Head to Greenwich or Westport for some Soul or, in New Jersey, to Short Hills—clearly, a workout mecca—or Hoboken.



We assumed Orangetheory was a city experience. The reality? We’re wrong—very wrong. There are tons of Orangetheory locations, dozens spanning the NYC suburbs. We counted close to 50 just outside of city limits—yes, 50. So if this is your sweat-session of choice, you’re in luck. Anywhere you go, there’s likely an Orangetheory nearby.



Like Orangetheory, Flywheel is everywhere—to date, they’ve launched more than 40 successful studios and have clearly become a massive suburban fitness trend. In the NYC suburbs, though, they’ve only popped up in Millburn, New Jersey, and Scarsdale. Our guess? That Flywheel is just scratching the surface in our suburbs and that more will show up soon enough.



Before these boutique studios made a run at the NYC suburbs, Equinox was already expanding up and out. Now, if you’re heading to the ‘burbs, plan to transfer your membership.


In Connecticut, you’ll be able to get your sweat on in Darien, Greenwich or Southport—the latest addition to the trio. New Jersey has locations in Paramus and Summit. And in New York, you’ve got six spots outside of the boroughs—Great Neck, Woodbury and Roslyn on Long Island and Armonk, Mamaroneck and Scarsdale in Westchester. The best part? Your favorite classes from Studio Cycling to Barre Bootcamp to Ab Lab made the leap to the ‘burbs, too, so you won’t miss a beat.


Pure Barre

Pure Barre is HOT, and after one class it’s easy to see why this has become a major suburban fitness trend. There are 11 studios in New Jersey including popular clubs in Denville, Montclair, Short Hills and more. In Westchester, head to the Bronxville or Mount Kisco locations and, on Long Island, opt for one of three—Garden City, Huntington or Manhasset. Connecticut’s also a Pure Barre hotspot with six locations—Darien, Greenwich, Westport, and Fairfield, for starters—plus three more are opening soon.


Barry’s Bootcamp

While Barry’s doesn’t have the same reach as some of the other studios, it’s getting there. Not only is this celebrity boot camp all over the city plus other urban epicenters—LA, San Diego, Chicago, Miami, Boston, and D.C., among others—a location is open in Scarsdale. Fingers crossed for more in the not-too-distant future…


The Bar Method

Darien, Fairfield, and Westport in Connecticut, Roslyn Heights and Huntington Village on Long Island, Scarsdale in Westchester and a jaw-dropping 17 locations in New Jersey, if you’re all about the BAR, you’re in luck. This one is a bonafide suburban fitness trend. When you land in the suburbs, you should have no trouble finding your new studio.



Irvington in Westchester is home to the only area YogaWorks. The franchise has, though, expanded into Northern California, Orange County, and the D.C. Metro area so we’re hopeful this one will find a few more suburbs to set up shop.


One that isn’t a suburban fitness trend in the making—at least we hope not? Performix House, an uber-exclusive $900 per month club near Union Square that, to date, has only accepted about one in four applicants. The world on the street is that Performix House is dominated by celebrities, models, and well-known entrepreneurs, with classes taught by sought-after instructors including SoulCycle’s Akin Akman and Charlee Atkins. While we get it—we also want to be surrounded by people with serious sweat-intentions—this gym seems a little extreme and we’re happy to leave trends like this in the city…


Find a great spot suburb to get your sweat on. Get in touch to learn about these suburban sweat sessions and to find the right town to call “home.”



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Finding Her Tribe in Palo Alto

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Entrepreneur & Emmy-winning Broadcaster Stephanie Kelmar on Finding Suburbia

Entrepreneur, editor, and long-time broadcaster Stephanie Kelmar is California born and bred. “I grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles before traveling up north to attend UC Berkeley,” she says. After graduating she accepted a position at a San Francisco-based radio station, jump-starting her career writing and producing for TV, radio and online media. Soon enough, though, the family would bring her to the suburbs—specifically, to living in Palo Alto.


“I was happily single and living in San Francisco for 15 years when I met my now-husband,” Stephanie says. “He was raising two little girls in Palo Alto. After we wed in the summer of 2006, I moved right in.” After spending 15 years as a producer at KTVU’s “Mornings on 2” Stephanie transitioned into a freelance role, producing a monthly public affairs show and writing scripts for People, Cooking Light, Facebook, and Brit & Co.


Fast forward to today and Stephanie and her husband have added two more kids to the mix—their nine-year-old daughter and 11-year-old son. And, more recently, Stephanie has married her unique professional and parenting experiences to launch KiDNuz, a podcast for young listeners. Anchored in a host of hot topics including nonpartisan news, current events, entertainment, health, science and sports, KiDNuz leans on the notion that “kids deserve a broadcast all their own.”


Created by Stephanie and a team of Emmy Award-winning professionals, the show has quickly gained momentum among a passionate, inspired young audience. “We have nine Emmys and 14 kids between us,” she says, “and we are dedicated to raising a generation of children who are well-informed and knowledgeable.” Beyond that, though, Stephanie cites her life in the Bay Area as a major source of inspiration. “Living in the heart of Silicon Valley has certainly played a role,” she says of KiDNuz. “In addition to having many friends in tech, I’ve connected with parents at my kids’ school who have shared valuable advice about this fascinating industry.”



With so much going on, Stephanie explains, she’s now keen to work from home and savor the unparalleled access, activities and amenities that come with living in Palo Alto, including the “community, great weather, friendly people and fun restaurants,” she says. “Palo Alto offers amazing amenities for kids and families. My daughter does dance, swimming, art, and softball. My son plays basketball and is in his seventh year of Palo Alto Little League.” And when she does steal a minute away? “I love cooking, reading, running and meeting friends for coffee…and cocktails!”


Without question, Stephanie says, her experience transitioning from the city to the suburbs has been a positive one. Now, 12 years in, she still loves living in Palo Alto and has become a fixture in the community and beyond. “Living under the bright city lights can be exciting,” she says, “but it wasn’t until I moved to the suburbs that I found a community who’s been warm, welcoming and supportive during life’s transitions, both expected and unexpected.” To new suburbanites and those considering making a move, she recommends “finding your tribe” by, simply, “putting yourself out there in your new surroundings.” And, as Suburban Jungle always recommends, explore potential communities first-hand, getting a sense for the vibe, the unique personalities and what makes a town tick. “Talk to as many people as possible in places where you’re looking to live to get a real feel for the town,” Stephanie adds. “And, of course, visit if you can!”


Have questions about where to go and how to do it ? Suburban Jungle has got the answers…  Get in touch to get started!


CASE STUDY: Why working with our agents yields a better outcome time and time again…

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We get a lot of questions from agents and clients about why we work with the agents we do. To us, the answer is very simple: we choose the right agents for Suburban Jungle and the families we work with, ensuring we’re creating the ultimate one-two punch—and, with it, a truly winning deal team.


Recently, a client came to us and needed a ton of advice. They didn’t know the NYC suburbs and were desperate for insights on everything from where to search to when to move to the unique differences from town to town. Like many city families, they’d heard about some “name brand” communities but didn’t know how to gauge if those popular suburbs were the right fit.


Like all of our clients we dug in, lead by Head of National Strategy and Emerging Markets Patti Natiss. After conducting a comprehensive strategy session and helping the family work through their questions and concerns, we had a rock-solid approach in place. From there, we started pounding the pavement to help them get a first-hand taste of life in suburbia.


Finding an All-star Local Agent

Soon enough, our clients were excited to take that next step. Not only had they locked in on the right NYC suburb for their family but they now felt totally confident and comfortable in their decision to make a move. The next step? Team up with one of our expert local agents—and this client knew they wanted the very best in the market.


Confident in our agent, we attempted to connect the dots, but this client pushed back. They felt they’d locked in on the “best” agent in the market—someone who came highly recommended by some friends. The issue? While some agents can come highly recommended and, truly, be outstanding, it’s critical they be the best in that TOWN. Each town has its own ecosystem of agents. Each local agent knows and understands and has a level of certain respect for the other. If an agent comes from another town, there is often pushback.


Beyond that, though, the agent might not know the inner workings of that community and the minor—but important—details that come with. In short, this otherwise-great agent may not be getting an A+ in the art of the deal when dipping into another town’s top agent to do a different deal.


Waving the Red Flag…

This, we quickly discovered, WAS the case here—the agent the client wanted to work with didn’t even work in their suburb of choice. It was a HUGE red flag for our team.


Ultimately, we wished the family luck as they opted to pursue the purchase process with their chosen agent. Months of bidding and losing followed and they watched as dream home after dream home came and went. Eventually, the family reached back out and asked for our help. They couldn’t understand why their agent couldn’t get a deal done, despite having multiple opportunities with multiple homes over multiple months.



The challenge, as they discovered? Again, their agent wasn’t a true “local.” Their agent was strong but didn’t know or work in that town. Our focus has always been teaming with agents who are hyper-local—people in the community who know the community and every property out there.


During this initial conversation, the family expressed interest in a home on the market—a home that, of course, our local agent knew well. She reached to the sellers—people she knew personally—and, within a few hours, the deal was done, thanks to her local expertise and lifelong connections.


To us, the message is clear: LOCAL MATTERS. Suburban Jungle strives to provide truly behind-the-scenes local insights and intel every step of the way—information you simply can’t and won’t get online or by driving through Main Street. Our Locals, Strategists, and agents know their communities in-depth because they call them “home,” too. The end result? The best insights, the best advice, the best recommendation and the best final outcomes—in other words, the best possible experience for our clients from coast-to-coast, no matter what they’re looking for next.


Ready to start your suburban search? Start here and we’ll tap into hyper-local resources to find the right town for your family.



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What it’s Like to Be a Camp Family in a NON-Camp Town

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Working with Suburban Jungle, I was crystal clear on the idea of “summer personalities” and how important it was to find a town in-step with our family’s lifestyle. The good news? We found it, and then some—our town was an unexpected find, with a relatively short commute, A+ schools and laid back approach we were looking for. The moms are friendly (and they work—a plus for me), there are plenty of restaurants, parks and activities and, while there’s a solid kids sports scene, there’s no crazy competition for spots on the travel soccer team. It’s, all-in-all, the perfect place for our family and, as we wrapped up our first year, we couldn’t believe how well the pieces came together.


What Summer Looks Like Here

The only time we truly felt out of place? In the weeks leading up to summer. While we’d been here last summer, our daughter wasn’t in school locally so we didn’t know anyone in the community. We enrolled her in a local day camp that seemed to have a good mix of area kids and hoped for the best. She loved it and, to be honest, it didn’t occur to us to find out how many neighborhood kids attended.


Fast forward to summer #2 and our first “real” year in the community. Knowing more and more moms I started to ask about summer and quickly discovered this is not a camp town, period. The local beach has a laid-back part-time option that’s more a short-term drop-off than anything. An area Y and JCC also have a half-day camp option which seems to attract a few kids here and there. While there’s a yacht club and three local country clubs, they aren’t particularly popular within our immediate community. Same with private pools—they’re few and far between within our borders. Overall, kids hang home, soaking up the community salt water pool, hitting area beaches, visiting grandma and grandpa, and taking advantage of day- or week-long half-day programs—a little cooking here, some theater there and maybe a few hours of soccer as fall starts to get closer.


The “Camp Family”

The reality? We’re a very pro-camp family and, more so, need the childcare during the day—two hours of dance camp simply isn’t an option for us. What was surprising, though, wasn’t just that no one seemed to attend day camp but, instead, the reaction we got to hearing we were a “camp family.” A perfect example? Our oldest attends a relatively popular day camp in the area, and almost no one had heard of it—this is truly not a camp town.

We got a glimpse into the future recently, though, when we spent weekends touring sleepaway camps. Our new friends couldn’t imagine sending their kids to sleepaway camp, as they told us over and over, and seemed surprised that, as one family said, “it’s still a thing.” Being a diehard camp family, we were also left scratching our heads—we had just assumed a community like this would be all about camp.



What Comes NEXT

The reality? I’d still pick this town over and over again, even though our summer personalities don’t mesh. That said, I wish I’d known and, already, I’m seeing how their personality will likely impact our future summer plans. While I’d anticipated eight weeks of sleepaway camp, now I’m considering four, paired with Camp Mom-and-Dad so our girls can hang with their friends a little more in the future. We didn’t join the community pool though we’d planned to—we just weren’t going to use it enough.


Seeing the Instagram posts now I wish we had carved out more time for the pool and the local residents-only beach—being relatively new, I think we would have made more friends and better connected with the moms and dads we met in passing, at birthdays and open houses.


My advice, then? It’s hard to find a town that’s 100% in-step with you and your family 24/7, for years or even decades. For us, our suburb is close enough. We love it more than we could have imagined, but I wish we’d spent more time getting to know the real summer personality here. Would we have moved here? Absolutely. Would we have structured the girls’ summer differently so they could be more in-the-mix? Without a doubt.

Now we know but, at the same time, I can see how a town’s summer personality can make or break these critical months. Fortunately, our oldest is still young and
loves day camp—so much that I suspect she doesn’t realize everyone isn’t hopping on a camp bus in the morning. Next year, though, is a different story. But next summer, we’ll be prepared.



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Another Suburban Jungle Family Finds THEIR Bay Area ‘burb!

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Rebecca D. and her family made a BIG move to the Bay Area ‘burbs — she’d never even VISITED the San Francisco suburbs before connecting with Pamela Goldman, our SF Head Strategist. The end result? A smooth, seamless search — and move!


“Cannot tell you how helpful Pamela in the San Francisco office has been for us and our pending move. Having never been to the suburbs of San Francisco before, it was a daunting prospect and no amount of googling is as helpful as speaking to some one who lives there. Pamela was full of useful information and their downloadable packs on the various suburbs were great. Pamela had advice on everything from commutes, to schools, to useful websites. I can’t explain how reassuring it is to have someone on the ground, with children, who understands what we’re embarking on. THANK YOU!”

Thinking about the San Francisco suburbs? Schedule with Pamela now

Not in the Bay Area? Schedule a FREE strategy session in New York, LA, Boston, D.C., Chicago or Dallas.