Disrupting the real estate “lead” industry…

NOT REFERRALS, but actual incredible clients sent to you for FREE in real time.

Suburban Jungle is NOT a lead generation company, or a referral service.

We are an innovative real estate advisory firm using technology, on the ground research and personalized intelligent hand holding to bring you truly incredible clients---NOT leads.

Partner Agent Benefits

Get Access to More Transactions Now. Build your business, don’t just get deals done.

No Sign-Up Cost

Unlike most referral services, we do not charge any sign-up or annual fees. With instant onboarding, you will immediately begin to receive clients.

Only Pay on Close

To completely align incentives, we get paid when you get paid. We are so confident in our technology, we bear the upfront cost and risk. We put our money where our mouth is!

Save Valuable Time

No more chasing after cold prospects. We do the heavy lifting to connect you to incredible clients...not unfiltered inquiries. Time is money: speak only to ready clients. Not only that, but they have been educated on the market and are truly ready to get out there!


Our detailed dashboard gives you advanced analytics and tools to manage your client pipeline. Our insights help you close more deals and track ROI. You work as part of our innovative deal team, helping you close more deals more efficiently.

HOW we work!

Workflow-and why we are not just another lead generation company or referral service
We bring you clients- ready, educated and who we have personally prepared for you… on a silver platter. Here is why...

  • 1 Client speaks to a Suburban Jungle Strategist who compiles all relevant information pertaining to their search.
  • 2 The Strategist/Strategy team will then develop a Home Search Strategy - assigning the client specific towns and agents based on the initial strategy session.
  • 3 Agent reaches out to the client and functions as they would normally do by providing town tours, explaining local market conditions, showing properties, negotiating offers, attending inspections through closing. While they are conducting business as usual, they are working in conjunction with the Suburban Jungle Deal Team to ensure full transparency on the mutual client through the Suburban Jungler.
  • 4 The agent is brought on to the Suburban Jungle deal team, sharing insight and updates on the client with the team to ensure a smooth transaction. This is not a “referral”.

Our Clients

We work exclusively with buyers, mostly young families, who are moving out of the “city”. Generally, our clients are seeking more space, better schools, more yard, etc. We also work with families relocating from other major cities, as well as international clients currently living abroad in London, Brussels, Australia etc. Typical client pro le: savvy, highly educated, professional, and connected. Deals range up to $13 million, and can start at $300k depending on the market. Overall company-wide average is approx $1.5 million.

Our proprietary technology and APP The Jungler

Suburban Jungle utilizes our incredible proprietary technology system called the Jungler so that agents and Strategists can easily share client notes and updates with each other. Agents will have a dashboard in which they can manage and track all of their Suburban Jungle clients. It is very easy to use and not time intensive! You will be alerted via text as well as a notification on your app once you have a new client.

Partnership Benefits

Get Access to More Transactions Now. Build your business, don’t just get deals done.

Dear Flow

  • Unique proprietary deal flow of families heading out from the city to the suburbs.
  • Proprietary pipeline of buyers adds significantly to an agent’s success.
  • Suburban Jungle is marketing your services to clients that you would not normally be working with.
  • We touch the clients for the first transaction, but they are yours for life.
  • Most buyers will upgrade to larger homes within 3-5 years in their existing town and you will bene t from listing the home you helped them to buy, representing them on their next purchase and getting all of their new friends in town along the way. This is a huge oppor- tunity to grow and build business relationships in your local market as Suburban Jungle is a one-touch business.
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Free – absolutely nothing to lose

  • While there are a multitude of lead generation platforms that have high costs and low or zero effectiveness, Suburban Jungle is at no cost to you, and brings you buyers who have already worked with our team to determine exactly where they should look. Our buyers are informed and educated about the towns and the process. We make it easy for agents to hit the ground running with our clients.
  • We work with a select, limited number of agents who are quali ed, know their markets inside and out and can relate to our demographic.
  • Great opportunity for an agent to increase their deal ow, while at the same time there are no upfront or monthly costs, so it is a win-win and no wondering if your investment is providing ample returns.
  • As an agent, you are left to build your own business. It is competitive, and there is very little to differentiate various real estate companies, and more importantly the agents. This is a unique opportunity in the industry to be a part of the Suburban Jungle brand and team, if quali ed and accepted.
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Further reach than you can even imagine

  • Not all buyers we send will turn into deals, but the introduction should be viewed as another effective form of business development. You get in front of young families who all have friends in the same demographic (moving out of the city). If they had a great experience with you, it goes much much further than just the one buyer.
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Listing Side Business

  • While Suburban Jungle doesn’t seek out or market itself to sellers, many of our buyer clients view us as a trusted resource and when they have a property to sell, they often ask us for recommendations. We are happy to make these introductions and agents love this additional opportunity to win a new listing.
  • Suburban Jungle is also a key differentiator for agents in listing presentations where you have the inside track to the key city buyers that will most likely purchase the home. When on a listing presentation, your being a part of the Suburban Jungle team with a proprietary deal ow of buyers is a HUGE advantage over any competitor you are pitching against.
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To be a part of our team…

*Not all agents will be accepted to be a part of our exclusive team.

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Business development beyond just advertising and marketing... clients brought directly to YOU

Word of mouth is huge in this business so while working with a buyer, you are not just focused on that buyer, but rather that buyer and their entire network. It is about the experience they have with you, and if they love you, so will all of their friends. Even if the client ends up staying in the city, or moving to a different area, the introduction they had to working with you has the ability to go much further than the one transaction or initial visits.