2016 Home Trends to Watch For​

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Looking to buy in the New Year? Then, no doubt, these home trends will be front-and-center during your search!


While we saw the trend bubble up this year, in 2016 the great outdoors will come in even more — think indoor gardens, more floral prints and treatments and a continued commitment to all things farm-to-table. Whether you’re spending the next year in an urban apartment or a sprawling suburban farmhouse you’ll no doubt be seeing — and integrating! — more naturals into your living space.

Every Day Items That Inspire

Now more than ever homes are being designed, updated and decorated with an eye on the homeowner and their family — and that means plenty of super personal touches in everything from colors and patterns to, even, go-to staples like couches and appliances. How does that translate to your home search? Think more accent walls, bright landscaping and, once you’re in, an influx of colorful decor pieces in stores, from the electric green couch to bold blue kitchen appliances and much more.

Timber Tops

Likely inspired by the indoor/outdoor trends, bathrooms will get a touch of gorgeous natural in the year ahead. Timber countertops have been topping renovators’ lists in recent months, and that means a huge resurgence in 2016. The end result? Warm, inviting and soothing bathrooms, perfect for early AM prep or a long post-work soak.

Smart Homes

This is the year of the smart home — and, it seems, every room is getting smarter in 2016. From “intelligent toilets” that are automated to flush, heat seats and much more, to security and safety features, self-learning thermostats and more, an increasing number of homes are shifting to smart, wowing buyers everywhere.

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